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The downsides of NOT living at Chicago’s Trump Tower

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Original article bemoaning life in Trump Tower.

Having NOT lived at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, we’ve not become accustomed to the high level of service the building provides. Multiple doormen and attendants on stand-by, 24 hour room service, and unparalleled views of the city are just a few of the perks we don’t experience daily. As our life coach…. wait. ..We can’t afford a life coach. As our mommas explained to us, however, positives can’t exist without negatives, so here are ten downsides to consider before you complain about renting or buying at Trump Tower Chicago:

1. The gym is NOT open 24 hours. Awww. Ours is.  It’s called outside.  If you’re desperate for iced towels throw a towel in the freezer. Apples and lemons? Stop by a grocery for an apple and lemon after work (that’s where we do often menial tasks in exhange for money)

2. Security is tight. Aww. It’s not out here.  Have you seem the crime rates? No pictures allowed?  No one wants pictures of most of the once-great-now-falling-down lobbies out here.

3. Excessive move-in fees. We are often forced to pay first and last months rent plus a full month deposit. Move-in fees.  Ha!

4. Your moving company will hate you.They hate us too. Because we live in a 4th floor walk-up. Upset because they make you protect the walls of the halls?  You’ll get over it quickly if you stroll down our beat up,  dinged and scratched halls.

5. You will be shocked. Here too! Because the landlord hasn’t fixed that outlet yet. 

6. Sensitive hardwood floors. It’s better than nasty, worn out carpet.

7. Parking lot elevator separate from unit elevators. You have a place to park and elevators?  Dang. Try to find that in our neighborhood!

8. Comcast. Ok.  We’ll give you that one.  But like us,  you have a choice.

9. This damn dishwasher. Oh. You have a nice,  high – end dishwasher that works.  That must be nice. While you’re calling your rocket scientist we’ll have the problem fixed because we can’t afford someone to fix it and we’ve learned to persevere when things don’t go right the first time.

10. No meeting/party rooms. We have these.  We call them the porch,  balcony or back yard.