Extra Crispy Chicken Strips

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This chicken is super crispy and SUPER easy!  My secret ingredients are Dill Weed and Sharp Cheddar!  The dill weed gives the chicken a savory/sour taste which marries well with the other spices.  The sharp cheddar actually adds a next level crispiness to the crust of the chicken!     😀

If you have a some chicken in the fridge and a dream in your heart you can make these in a flash!  Whip up some of my homemade honey mustard to dip this crispy tenders in and you will be the hero of the kitchen!  🙂

Though there’s small chance that you will have left overs you can make the best chicken sandwiches out of these strips the next day!  My husband and I thought the sandwiches were even better than just the tenders alone!  Grab some sweet bakery buns and lather them in butter and toast them.  Then lay…

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The Best Traditional Breakfast Food Dishes From Around the World

International Bellhop Travel Magazine


Up until recent times, breakfast was not considered “the most important meal of the day,” and was rather a lackluster meal consisting of not much more than bread and a hot drink to “break the fast” of not eating since the night before. We really have the British Empire to thank for the large quantities of delicious and often fatty foods that make up our modern breakfasts.

Breakfast — as the world knows it today — is very reflective of “the Full English Breakfast” and usually contains toasted bread, eggs, and an assortment of meats. Even though much of the world is now eating their own versions of the English and American breakfasts, each country has their own local and traditional breakfast items and dishes. Here are some of the best traditional breakfast food dishes from around the world:


Full English Breakfast — United Kingdom

A heavy and often greasy…

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Taco Bowls

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One of my favorite easy and healthy meals that is LOADED with flavor and deliciousness is the “taco bowl” or “burrito bowl”.  This dish is a great one to make with taco left overs and is a quick lunch or dinner!  It’s even great for guest!  You can turn it in to a build your own taco bowl bar!

I use taco meat, black beans, homemade guacamole, and some of that delicious jalapeno ranch dip that I shared earlier this week.  (see link below)

This is more of a meal idea than a recipe but I have included my method for quick black beans, my version of taco meat, and my homemade guacamole in case you care to try it my way!  🙂

Here is what I recommend for a taco bowl bar party spread:

-tortilla chips

-black beans

-taco meat

-fresh bell pepper slices


-pico de gallo


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President Obama brings back homebrewing to the White House

Obama is cool in ways most only dream of!

Lords of the Drinks

A bottle of homebrew beer from the White House. A bottle of homebrew beer from the White House.

While most people in the United States were getting crazy over the Superbowl, it’s possible you missed the most important American tv-moment of the day. In an exclusive interview with NBC News president Barack Obama shared a beer with reporter Savannah Guthrie (see video below). But not just any beer, under his rule homebrew made a remarkable comeback in the White House. Obama claims to be the first president since George Washington (1732-1799) who brews his own beer.

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BBQ Whiskey Sliders- Tried it and Liked it

Redbird Recipes


Y’all…these are divine.  This is a Pioneer Woman recipe that I tried for this year’s super bowl party!  It was juicy, spicy and everything I hoped it would be!  The Pioneer Woman’s recipes have yet to disappoint me!  For her original recipe click the link below for awesomeness!  This recipe would also be amazing as a full size burger!

Original Recipe:  http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2011/12/spicy-whiskey-bbq-sliders/

I will definitely make this recipe again.  Everyone at the party really seemed to enjoy them!  These bad boys are sweet and spicy!

I did make 3 tiny changes to the ingredients:

1. I added sliced pepper jack on top of each patty.

2. I used 1/2 jalapenos and 1/2 roasted red peppers in the sauce instead of just jalapenos.

3. I seasoned the patties with salt, pepper, AND chili powder.   🙂



– 2 lbs of ground beef

– salt

– pepper

– chili powder

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